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Key points

  1. Every table must contain fields Id and Title.
  2. Field Id must be auto increment.
  3. Frontend and Backend must point to the same database file and Upload folder.
  4. Use Many2ManyLinkFacade to manipulate many to many relations.


There are two kind of tables:
  • System tables - starts with "zzz_". These table are for programmers only.
  • User tables. Every user table must contain columns "Id" and "Title". User table may also contains other columns but "Id" and "Title" are obligatory.

CMS itself divided into two different projects. Frontend is not a host for Backend like in many other systems:
  • zzzCMS_Backend - is not supposed to be altered. It is a CRUD application which builds itself for your database. You won't need to add anything here.
  • zzzCMS_Frontend - is a face of your web site. You can do whatever you want with it.

System tables

  • zzz_Applications, zzz_Personalization, zzz_Profile, zzz_Roles, zzz_Users, zzz_UsersInRoles are for membership.
  • zzz_SiteFiles is for file path fields. In backend they look like FileUpload control. Mark file path fields by adding row in the table.
  • zzz_RelationsIDs, zzz_Relations are for many2many relations.

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